Games Workshop wants you to pay $55 AUD for a ruler


“Games Workshop” and “ludicrous prices” are two phrases have always gone hand-in-hand, but leaked photos of White Dwarf for this week show an amazing new record: $55 AUD for a ruler.

The “Age of Sigmar Combat Gauge” (combat gauge!) is made out of metal and hangs on a leather thong. It measures three inches on one side and two inches on the other.

Games Workshop wants you to pay $55 AUD for it. Alternatively — and hear me out on this because it’s pretty radical — you can buy a ruler from Officeworks for $0.98 and then spend the rest of the money on something else.

You can also buy Dice Shakers that come in both “Stormcast Eternal” and “Khorne Bloodbound” colours. These include eight dice in a leather cup. This will cost you $70.


Come on.

Source: Thanks, Mordred

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