Mafia: Vendetta arriving soon – bring your friends over and stab them to death


Fantasy Flight Games announce that the party game of Mafia: Vendetta will be releasing this year, following its first-ever translation into English.

Mafia: Vendetta is a game of suspicion, intrigue and bluffing in which 7-17 players must work together to uncover the secret Mafia family members in the midst, while the Mafia try to frame innocents and deflect suspicion… long enough to continue murdering.

The game is managed by a Facilitator, who stands apart to make sure the rules work smoothly and everything stays fun for everyone. Some citizens have special rules, like the Sheriff who can execute people without a trial, and the Journalist who can check whether two players are on the same team.

Two variant modes are included: one which introduced a third Yakuza faction, and another which introduces lone wolf killers.

Look for Mafia: Vendetta in stores in Q3 2015.

Source: FFG

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