Mantic Games takes the piss out of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar


After Games Workshop’s dramatic and shiny unveiling of their new Stormcast Eternal statue this week, rivals Mantic Games — who publish Kings of War, which is designed by some of Games Workshop’s Founding Fathers — took to social media to unveil their own shiny golden statue, Fisty Glue Man.


“We’ve been renovating the carpark,” say Mantic on Facebook. “It’s all a bit bling now.”

Rick Priestly, the lead designer on Kings of War and ex-Games Workshop golden child, also took a stab at the company in the introduction to the Kings of War 2nd Edition rulebook, as reported by Bell of Lost Souls:

“When asked to write these few introductory words I hardly expected to find myself writing the foreword to what is undoubtedly now the most popular mass-battle fantasy game on the market!”

“Many converts have found themselves won over by a mixture of solid game play, straight-forward but elegant mechanics, and an approach to development that plainly puts the player first.”

“Well done especially to its creator and designer Alessio Cavatore. I have worked together with Alessio on many gaming projects over the years, both historical and fantasy, and have always appreciated his clear and focussed approach to game design, instinct for uncluttered rules, and – most of all – boundless and unquenchable enthusiasm for games and gaming.”


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