Age of Sigmar’s full rules leak: Read the future of Warhammer Fantasy here


The full, four-page rules for Age of Sigmar have appeared online ahead of White Dwarf’s release tomorrow, and since they’re going to be downloadable for free anyway we’re sure Games Workshop won’t mind if we give them a bit of free publicity and post them below:

If you’re hungry for more details, the entire issue of White Dwarf has been scanned and is now available online here at this imgur album. If you’re curious about how the new setting works or what the new Space Marines Stormcast Eternals look like, make sure you check it out.

The issue also explains that you can download PDF Warscrolls for “every existing Warhammer miniature” by visiting, but the link doesn’t appear to be active yet. Check again tomorrow.

Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal size comparisons

Another user who has managed to get their hands on the free model that comes with tomorrow’s White Dwarf has posted some size comparison shots against other Warhammer 40K and Fantasy models. Take a look below or check out the full album here.

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