Age of Sigmar details: Free downloadable rules, all old models will be valid, and more


The last 24 hours have seen a flurry of activity in the world of Games Workshop ahead of the launch next week of Age of Sigmar (first pics here). It looks like Games Workshop actually are going to be doing more than just releasing a new starter set: a briefing sent to GW retailers confirms that the Age of Sigmar rules will be a free 4-page download from their website, with individual unit rules being included in each box on “warscrolls”.

Don’t eBay off your old Warhammer Fantasy models just yet either — all the old models will be useable in Age of Sigmar, and rules will be provided to incorporate them into your new games. Round bases, square bases — it doesn’t matter apparently, so just hang tight until we find out more.

Have a read of these (via Reddit and Natfka respectively):

Age of Sigmar rules

A surreptitious snapping of the new rules has also appeared, and it seems like a pretty good mix of familiar GW with new thinking. Check these out (thanks Mordred!):

Age of Sigmar setting and gameplay

A short rules summary has also leaked from people who have read the full thing:

White Dwarf 75 states bases don’t matter and show a small Nurgle group with round and square bases.

AoS World Information:

Nine Mortal Realms, all based on the eight colours of magic, and Chaos makes nine. Sigmar rules from Azyrheim, and when a Stormcast Eternal dies, he returns there.

Four Great Alliances:

  • Order: Stormcast Eternals, Steamhead Duardin (Dwarfs), Red Slayers (Mercenaries of sorts. Where the old Empire went?), Aelf, and Seraphon – reptilian warriors who appear out of nowhere.
  • Chaos: Fully combined army – beastmen, warriors, daemons, *does* include the Skaven.
  • Death: Undead.
  • Destruction: Orruks, Grots, Ogors, and ravening beasts beyond count.

Turn Sequence:

  • Hero Phase – Spellcasting and Command Abilities used here.
  • Movement Phase – Movement in inches, on warscrolls. 5″ seems like the new standard. Cannot move within 3″ of the enemy during the movement phase. Running is a d6 added to the distance. Flying ignores scenery and friendly models, but still cannot come within 3″ of the enemy. Units that start the movement phase within 3″ of the enemy can remain stationary or retreat (moving up to full movement away.)
  • Shooting Phase – Units that ran or retreated may not shoot. Roll to hit and wound as normal.
  • Charge Phase – Within 12″ of enemy. Could not have ran or retreated that turn, nor be within 3″ of enemy. Roll two dice and that’s your charge distance. Must end within .5″ of enemy or charge fails and no models move. No charge reactions.
  • Combat Phase – Charge or units within 3″ of enemy unit. Two steps: 1.) Pile in, may move models in unit up to 3″ towards closest enemy model. 2.) Attack with melee weapons.
  • Battleshock Phase – 2d6 + Casualties. For each point the total beats the unit’s bravery, one model flees and is removed from play. Bravery is +1 for every 10 models in the unit when the test is taken.

Attacking Rules:

Pick attacking unit, and target unit.

  1. Hit Roll. No WS vs WS, all to hit rolls are the same regardless of who target is. Based on Warscroll.
  2. Wound Roll. No S vs T, all to wound rolls are based on weapon on attacking unit’s Warscroll.
  3. Save Roll. Save on Warscroll, modified by attacking unit’s weapon Rend value.

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