DriveThruRPG hacked: some credit card information may be compromised


If you’re a regular customer of DriveThruRPG — and you should be, because who doesn’t like cheap roleplaying PDFs — you might want to look at locking down your credit card or ordering a replacement, following a security breach.

“You are receiving this email because you made a purchase (or attempted to make a purchase) on our site using a credit card between July 6th, 2015 and the morning of August 6th, 2015. There is a 50% chance that hackers were able to collect your credit card information,” DriveThruRPG explained in an email sent to customers overnight.

“We recommend that you contact your credit card issuing bank and ask them to replace any cards that you used for charges on our site, and also look over your most recent statements for any suspicious charges.”

Names and email addresses are “potentially compromised” as well, but DriveThruRPG assure you that passwords are secure and safe. Here’s the official support posting on the issue if you have any further questions.

Source: Thanks, Trent!

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