Eldritch Horror heads to Egypt with Under the Pyramids expansion


The pesky Dark Pharaoh is on the rise in Egypt, and that means it’s time for a seasoned team of investigators to head to Cairo and punch some Ancient Ones back where they came from in Under the Pyramids, the new expansion for Eldritch Horror.

This expansion will deploy a new side board that opens up six new Egyptian Locations, includes eight more investigators and new Relics as well as Glamour spells that can allow you to trade tokens and “actually alter fate”. (May not literally alter fate.)

The mystery of the Dark Pharaoh is — well, exactly that, a mystery — but he was known to be a mighty sorcerer and even suspected of being a flesh-and-blood avatar of Nyarlathotep, so he’s not very good news. Some of the new investigators include Hank Samson, the Texan farmer, Sister Mary the nun, Mandy Thompson and Dr. Harvey Walters the scholars, and the stylish definitely-not-an-Indiana-Jones ripoff Monetery Jack.

Look for Under the Pyramids in Q4 this year, and hit up the official FFG site for more details!

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