Kings of War’s Ratkin rules are now available to download


If you’re a Kings of War player with a Ratkin army, you may want to head over to the official Mantic blog and avail yourself of the free rules (at Mantic’s appropriately-named ‘Free Rules Page‘, no less).

Ratkin will feature in a supplementary Kings of War book called Uncharted Empires, which will land at the end of the year. In the meantime, Mantic want your help playtesting the Ratkin rules, so get on it, rat-lovers.

In Mantic lore, Ratkin are a former slave-race. Check it out:

Rats are everywhere. Rats are vicious, hard creatures that can survive in the harshest of conditions, living in filth and eating worse. They thrive in adversity. The darkest, most miserable places in the world are the domain of rats. If ever a race was destined for slavery, ideally suited for the despair and brutal life it offered, it was the vermin.

Bharzak began to experiment. Consumed by his madness, he locked himself away while he worked on his project, rarely seen. Strange chittering screeches and agonised wails came from behind the locked doors of Bharzak’s laboratory. After a while, Bharzak was forgotten and a new overmaster took his place.

Then one day, almost thirteen years since Bharzak had sealed himself away, the doors opened and Bharzak reappeared triumphant. As he emerged from his self-imposed exile, behind him streamed a vast pack of rats. But not rats as they had been. These were something new, something terrible – a horrifying hybrid of rats and other races: dwarf, human, elf, goblin. In their eyes there was a smouldering malignancy and their rapid, jerky movements were spine-chilling and beyond natural. Bharzak had bred a new race of slaves, a race he named Gnorr. Ones that could do more: work harder, work longer and, with the trait of the race he most desired, breed more slaves in vast quantities.

Grab the free rules here.

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