Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game ending, FFG to cease development


Fantasy Flight Games have announced an end to active development on Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, following seven cycles of Asylum Packs and ten expansions.

“After the game’s upcoming World Championships, our Organized Play team will no longer be holding official tournaments,” wrote FFG on their site yesterday. “We have finished creating Call of Cthulhu. We are ready to leave the game in your capable hands.”

FFG will continue to make all Asylum packs available through their in-house manufacturing division “so that no Asylum Pack will ever go out of print”, and say that should demand arise they will reprint the ten expansions.

Developers Nate French and Damon Stone shared their thoughts with players to commemorate the occasion. French writes that “Twelve years is quite a run for any customizable card game, and this longevity is a testament to you, the fans, and also to Eric Lang’s wonderful design.”

“We all thought the game was coming to an end ten years ago, but it refused to die, and I for one can only hope that the game will somehow, against all odds, find a means to surprise us once again.”

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