Ragnaroll is a dice-driven game of Viking battles, looking for your help on Kickstarter


Here at Ten Copper we are of course doing our best to support local Australian tabletop development, and that’s why we’re here to let you know about Brisbane-based End Game Games, who are doing their best to get the apocalyptic Viking-simulator Ragnaroll off the ground on Kickstarter.

Ragnaroll is a dice-driven game where 3-4 players get together to fight to be the last Viking standing, as the food runs out and the light grows dim. Each player controls a hero (four are available — two women and two men, all with different abilities) who leads a band of warriors (and one dog) to death or glory — and glory is actually something you need to track in the game, since accumulating enough of it will lead you to victory, and sometimes a horrible death might actually earn you more glory just because of how epic it was.

End Game Games have constructed custom Ragnaroll dice, for quick and dirty combat without the need for calculators or scary math. You can see designed Jason Kotzur-Yang explaining how the game works in this video below.

Jason knows what it’s like to live in Australia and pay insane fees to have anything moved by post, so he explains that he’s doing his best to source international partners in key areas for shipping, and Australians only have to pay a very reasonable $7.

They’re aiming for a release date of July next year, and are currently sitting at $7,756 of their $34,200 goal — there’s only one tier of rewards, (or two if you want to pay $1 more to have your Viking name in the booklet) so head along and support these local folks. Click here to visit the Kickstarter page.


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