Add 300 more monsters to D&D 5E with Kobold Press’ new Kickstarter


Kobold Press are rapidly earning a well-deserved reputation as the kings of third-party content for popular RPGs, and their latest project — the Tome of Beasts — is no exception.

Combining many of the monsters that have already appeared in Kobold’s Midgard and Southlands settings (for Pathfinder) as well as some of the winners and finalists from their Monarch of the Monsters user-submitted contest, Tome of Beasts drops 300+ new monsters into D&D 5E rules.

As with all Kobold Press material it’s got top-of-the-line layout artists and illustrators working on it, so the final result will be something you’ll be very happy to have in your bookshelf. Now that it’s funded, additional money is going into the Tome of Lairs, a book of encounters featuring beasts from the original tome with complete digital maps at high resolution.

The Kickstarter has already reached its $20,000 goal, pulling in $34,896 at the time of writing with still 28 days left to go. Check it out here.

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