Dark Souls meets Dungeons & Dragons in this great bit of homebrew


An enterprising Redditor (how many articles begin with these words!) has merged the world of the beloved cult video game Dark Souls with the world of Dungeons & Dragons, creating 5E versions of some of the game’s most iconic enemies.

User Braggadouchio posted their creations in this Imgur album here, with stats for the Iron Golem, Silver Knight, Darkwraith, Black Knight, Executioner Smough, and more. This isn’t their first time making Dark Souls / D&D creations — check out their website here for more, including the iconic Capra Demon.

Braggadouchio’s website BoltNine has a heap of great resources for anybody looking to do their own D&D 5E homebrew, including templates on how to recreate Wizards of the Coast’s official styles. Check those out here!

Source: via Reddit

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