Dresden Files RPG creators announce new Dystopian Universe game


Evil Hat Productions have just revealed their next project: a cyberpunk tabletop RPG both named and set in the Dystopian Universe.

This is the first tabletop RPG in the, er, Dystopian Universe universe, which was previously established by the Indie Boards & Cards company in their The Resistance, Coup, and One Night Revolution games.

Much like The Dresden Files RPG before it, Evil Hat are using a modified version of the FATE System (relatedly: read how we adapted the FATE system to add more roleplaying to any system).

Here’s a breakdown of the contents:

  • Playsheets for nine character archetypes with tie-ins to the cards found in other Dystopian Universe games
  • New aspect rules to help reflect the intrigue of the Dystopian Universe, where no one is exactly what they seem
  • Two new systems to help GMs escalate conflicts based on character actions: blowback and the Vigilance Track
  • New equipment rules using Fate points from a character or from their supporters at La RĂ©sistance.
  • A streamlined modular system for creating missions, along with sample missions to get you started

There’s no release date right now, but you can get more information over here.

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