Star Wars: Rebellion board game announced by Fantasy Flight


FFG are milking their Star Wars license for all it’s worth, announcing an all-new board game for release in Q1 2016 called Rebellion (not to be confused with their role-playing game, Star Wars: Age of Rebellion).

Set at the height of the Empire-Rebel Alliance civil war, 2-4 players fight take the roles of Empire and Rebels respectively and fight for control of the galaxy, using starships, troopers, agents, and even the iconic heroes.

Characters like Luke, Leia, Han, Boba Fett and others are earmarked by FFG for inclusion, with custom miniatures for all the various ships, walkers and other ground forces.

As usual, FFG have done a staggeringly comprehensive job of writing up their own game — make sure you check out their article here for more info.

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