Write and sell your own D&D content as Wizards announces DM’s Guild


Wizards of the Coast are offering their full support to homebrew creators of Dungeons & Dragons 5E content today with a new initiative called the Dungeon Master’s Guild, created in partnership with DriveThruRPG.

The initiative is part storefront and part resource hub, with players able to download and use official D&D 5E templates and content to create their own adventures, classes and more, before selling it on the official storefront.

Wizards of the Coast take 50% of all profits and are offering creators “a select body of the Wizards of the Coast IP”, including Forgotten Realms-specific content. You can take a look at the sort of artwork and templates they’re offering here.

“While all types of content are welcome in the Dungeon Masters Guild, there are certain types of content we think are more in demand by players, and we will therefore tend to promote it more prominently on the DMsGuild marketplace,” writes Wizards.

“Primarily, we’d like to see short adventures that can be run in a single session, especially ones that can complement larger campaigns already published by Wizards (e.g., Rage of Demons). Also in demand are fifth edition conversions of monsters absent from the fifth edition Monster Manual and new backgrounds for players to use with their characters. Again, we’d like to emphasize content that would be useful for other D&D players looking to expand on existing official storylines, such as a collection of demons useful for Rage of Demons. ”

“At the end of the day, though, the best content for you to write is the content you’re inspired to create. The Realms is a big place. We look forward to seeing what you create for it!”

Click here to find out more and to sign up.

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