D&D 5E heads back to Ravenloft with the return of Strahd


Iconic vampire lord Strahd von Zarovich is set to make his return to D&D 5E in March with The Curse of Strahd, written by the adventure’s original authors Tracy and Laura Hickman.

If you’ve never played The Curse of Strahd before, the gist is simple — players find themselves in mysterious, gothic Barovia, and have to break Strahd’s evil influence on the area with the help of the mysterious tarot reader Madam Eva, whose deck of cards determines the path of the adventure. There’s also plenty of evil smirking, feasting in castle halls and fighting off wolves under the midnight moon, in classic vampire fashion.

Wizards and Gale Force 9 are teaming up to produce a physical version of Madam Eva’s cards, too, if you’re a collector who enjoys that sort of thing.

Learn more about the new 5E version of Curse of Strahd here. It’ll be available on March 15, which is when I’ll immediately be rolling up a new 5E edition of ‘Lucky’ Vincienzo, the plucky halfling sorcerer who fumbled his way through Castle Ravenloft in D&D 3.5. Good times.

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