The Walking Dead tabletop wargame coming from Mantic Games


Mantic Games, makers of Kings of War and Warpath, have snagged the license to produce a tabletop edition of The Walking Dead.

The game, which will launch at some point in 2016, is called The Walking Dead: All Out War. Mantic’s license is based on the comics and not the TV show, which they claim gives them “the biggest choice of factions and characters” and “the widest scope possible”.

Players will create their own gangs and fight against other gangs for scarce resources, with zombies acting as NPCs and environmental hazards.

Mantic founder Ronnie Renton hopes that the accessibility of the franchise and its well-known brand name will help people get into wargaming more easily than if they had to learn an entire new world. Watch him explain in the video below:

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