The Walking Dead miniatures game lurches to life on Kickstarter, already 400% funded


In news that will surprise absolutely nobody given their track record, Mantic Games’ latest Kickstarter — The Walking Dead: All Out War (click here for more details) — has immediately smashed its goal within hours of launch.

With 27 days still left on the clock, Mantic have raised $191,319 of their $50,000 goal and the number is only going higher, rising even as I type.

New miniatures are being unlocked as stretch goals, including characters like Shane and Lori, and new walker models — but the highest stretch goal announced so far is $200,000, a figure which will almost certainly be met in the next 12 hours.

Check out the Kickstarter here and see if you’re keen! $125 minimum buy-in gets you the game (shipping not included) so it’s a little bit pricey but it seems like a fairly comprehensive package.

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