Australian-made Final War TCG will launch in November at PAX AUS


Attendees at PAX Australia this year — November 4-6 at the Melbourne Convention Centre, dontchaknow — will be the first to get their hands on the Australian-made TCG Final War, from Sydney-based Games Lab.

Final War is a 2-4 player TCG based in the original setting of the world of Gloren, with lore springing from the game developer’s 25-year history of tabletop roleplaying. The first edition of the game, which will be available to purchasers at PAX AUS, contains 400+ cards and three modes of play.

In addition, the first 100 people at the stand each day of the convention will get a free exclusive Legendary card — and there’s also something called a ‘Barrel of Beserking’, which you can put your name into for a chance to win even more booster packs and exclusive cards.

Check out some of the fantastic Final War art, including my favourite Negate Power (the goblins stealing the spellbook), in the gallery below.

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