Games Workshop secretly moves to cut off Australian online retailers

Games Workshop has always had a somewhat fearful relationship with the internet. While it’s easy to paint the big company of any market in a negative light, this is not an exaggeration: in the past,…

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Games Workshop CEO to step down, and you could be his successor

Games Workshop’s CEO Tom Kirby has announced that he will step down as of January 1st 2015, leaving a parting letter that touches on a number of points including his thoughts on the rise of…

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Games Workshop planning expansion of Warhammer World

Images appearing online at the Nottingham City Council website have revealed that Games Workshop are working on an expansion of Warhammer World. The application from GW can be seen here, although it’s a little dry….

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D&D 5E represents ‘a new spirit of collaboration’: We speak to Mike Mearls

We talk the DMs guild, D&D movies, and more.

Syrinscape creator: ‘we need having audio at your table to be the normal thing to do’

Ben Loomes wants everyone to bring sound to their tabletop.

Magic: The Gathering – Learn what your advantages are, and how to maximise them

We show you how to break MTG down into a game of statistics.

Blood Bowl, Epic, Necromunda and more coming back: GW relaunches Specialist Games

Plus: changes to Lord of the Rings.

Meet the man who hates Age of Sigmar so much that he set his Warhammer army on fire

$600 worth of melted plastic later, John regrets nothing.

Dungeons & Dragon’s launch trailer for Rage of Demons brings drow and demons to life

Quite the horror-movie-trailer vibe, too.