Syrinscape creator: ‘we need having audio at your table to be the normal thing to do’

Last month at PAX Australia 2015, we had our now-annual catch-up with Benjamin Loomes, the man behind the Syrinscape tabletop audio engine. Ten Copper: I’m just going to rub my face for a second because…

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Sound and Fury: The creator of Syrinscape talks to us about the importance of tabletop audio

Late last year at PAX Australia, we sat down with Benjamin Loomes, the man behind Syrinscape — a custom-built audio engine that cranks up the atmosphere of your tabletop game with fully customisable soundscapes.  Ten…

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Syrinscape sci-fi players get new Sand Worm and Space Station soundsets

If you use the Syrinscape app to provide background music for your roleplaying, you can now take that roleplaying into space and possibly from there down onto Arrakis, because two new soundsets just became available…

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Syrinscape looking for members of the public to contribute to ‘Peasants Revolt’ soundtrack

The next soundset in the works from roleplaying aid Syrinscape is the ‘Peasants Revolt’ set, and the developers are looking to make it as authentic as possible by featuring members of the public screaming and…

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Make your own Syrinscape soundset as the Creator Beta opens tomorrow

The Syrinscape tabletop gaming audio soundboard is opening its doors to prospective audio geniuses, with the launch of the SoundSet Creator Beta tomorrow. Players can use the system to build their own soundscapes, including the…

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D&D 5E represents ‘a new spirit of collaboration’: We speak to Mike Mearls

We talk the DMs guild, D&D movies, and more.

Syrinscape creator: ‘we need having audio at your table to be the normal thing to do’

Ben Loomes wants everyone to bring sound to their tabletop.

Magic: The Gathering – Learn what your advantages are, and how to maximise them

We show you how to break MTG down into a game of statistics.

Blood Bowl, Epic, Necromunda and more coming back: GW relaunches Specialist Games

Plus: changes to Lord of the Rings.

Meet the man who hates Age of Sigmar so much that he set his Warhammer army on fire

$600 worth of melted plastic later, John regrets nothing.

Dungeons & Dragon’s launch trailer for Rage of Demons brings drow and demons to life

Quite the horror-movie-trailer vibe, too.