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    Tim Colwill

    Hey guys,

    If you see a bug with the site, please let us know here. I’m particularly interested in issues when viewing the site on various different devices like phones and tablets.

    The intention of the site is that it is fully responsive, which means that it should work perfectly anywhere you view it. So please try using it in every way you can and letting us know what’s functioning and what isn’t !

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    Tim Colwill

    Known bugs:

    • Forum user view is shitty and broken
    • Possible issues viewing forum on mobile devices
    • Tony Abbott still in government (resolved, thanks Turnbull)
    • Favourite/subscribe links unstyled
    • BuddyPress install needs to be configured to allow users to PM each other
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    Hello, this appears to be the first post on this forum from the outside? Either way I just wanted to let you know that I think your site is great, and I love the writing on the site. It’s good that you guys are building up a site for tabletop news. I’d like to help out in any way that I am able.

    I’m posting here because I have noticed an issue. The site doesn’t seem to stop loading even after all the content appears to have finished on screen.
    I am on an up-to-date chrome browser using Windows 10. I am not using an adblocker for this site and I don’t believe I’m using any other extensions that would do this. As I type this the icon is still animating as loading (it’s even got the X there to tell me that I can stop the loading, if you’re unfamiliar with chrome this button turns into a reload button when a site has finished loading).

    [Edit as I am typing this post]: I am using the extension called Blur, which is supposed to block trackers, if I enable the trackers on this site manually (google adsense and doubleclick) it still has a loading issue. If I disable the extension, it completes its loading in a timely manner. This means that this isn’t a major issue (hopefully) so it only affects those who are using tracker blockers (it appears most people do not). Hopefully this doesn’t mean that it is loading something in actuality for this long because it would eventually add up to a tangible increase in server load. Funnily enough, my desktop Firefox has the Blur extension too, but it detects no trackers and loads fine with the extension fully active.

    – I have tested the site using desktop Firefox on the same computer and it loads well enough.
    – The site doesn’t have this issue on mobile chrome (Samsung Galaxy S5) and the mobile version runs well, and looks fairly clean. It doesn’t respond to the “request desktop site” option however, but this is fairly common for most websites.
    – Mobile Firefox also doesn’t have the issue, it looks better than chrome but is a little slow. It responds to the “request desktop site” option beautifully, however.
    – The mobile versions of the site display forums properly (this usually is not the case for most sites, including my own). Filters and whatnot all work on mobile. In fact there’s only one minor cosmetic issue on my phone: the logo image at the top looks a little blurry and artifacted in both mobile browsers.
    – Opera Mini is a slimmer phone browser often used by less powerful phones. It even runs the site decently, and even displays the menu and the forum properly. Opera Mini often has issues with menus so that’s a good thing.

    I haven’t done so yet, but if you want you can go to http://browsershots.org/ to test the site on many browsers. Unfortunately it doesn’t test on phone browsers (most services require payment for this).

    Hopefully the information I’ve provided is helpful.

    Tim Colwill

    Wow! I’m so sorry that this went unnoticed for so long. Thank you so much for the thoughtful and comprehensive feedback — it’s super appreciated :)

    (One of the reasons we didn’t notice is that there’s no way of being alerted when a new post arrives on the forum, which is also something we should add/change!)

    It definitely sounds like it’s related to trackers and tracker blockers. I suspect it’s probably Google AdSense causing the issue, which is problematic to fix since they’re our only source of income from the site (we’ve made a whole $12 in the last six months! Go us!) but I will definitely investigate it further with the extensions mentioned.

    Thanks also for the feedback on the different versions of the mobile site! That’s something we worked hard on and I’m glad it’s coming up nicely. The logo is a bit messy isn’t it, I’ll look into that :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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