Mantic Games wants your help uncovering Dwarfish runes


There’s a bit of a fun little promotion going down over at Mantic Games at the moment. Presented as kind of a roleplaying scenario you, reader, are charged with a most noble quest. Well, maybe not that noble, it pretty much boils down to sharing an image of a Dwarfish rune on “the fae network of Facebook”.

This is only the first of many “runes” that are “required” to access an “ancient collection of information” to help “battle” the “forces of Darkness that are gathering”, and once the image has been shared 750 times (according to the counter on the bottom of the page) the next rune will be revealed.

Maybe this isn’t your kind of thing. But one thing’s for sure, if Mantic’s going to all this trouble to get people to notice them, presumably there will be some kind of announcement when all the runes have been uncovered. If you have no sense of fun, keep your eyes glued to this space for the coming announcement.

Source: Mantic Games

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