Maggot Lords for Warhammer Fantasy Battle leaked


A picture of the next White Dwarf cover, showing some more of the new Warriors of Chaos models for the End Times Event. You can see the Maggot Lords below (updated with new high-res scans on October 16):

Rumoured rules and release notes for the creatures were also posted on Warseer by a user named Archibald_TK, which can be summarised as follows:

In the next WD:
– New box akin to the Mortarchs, allowing to create 3 special Nurgle characters mounted what appear to happen when you cross a giant ape and a very aggressive worm, rules included in the WD.

That’s the only release for that week…

if you liked the Blight Kings, then you’ll find the new ones awesome. If I remember correctly they’re called something like Maggot Lords (I’m not even sure, see how efficient my memory is?)

Also I don’t play WFB so I have no idea what I’m reading when it comes to rules. I just remember one of them can spit and it works like a catapult, 24″ S3(4) ignore armors. They’re lords and their prices all tend to float around the 400pts mark.
EDIT- Oh and also like the Mortarchs it’s a unique profile for them and their mount.

Last week we got a look at the new Putrid Blightkings and a new special character, which you can see here.

Source: via Bell of Lost Souls

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