Games Workshop appoints new CEO: the current COO


Games Workshop’s quest for a new CEO, a quest which they opened up to the general public, has been resolved — the company is promoting its current Chief Operations Officer instead.

“The Board of Games Workshop is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Rountree as Chief Executive Officer with effect from 1 January 2015,” explains a memo on the Games Workshop investor website. “Tom Kirby, Chairman and Acting Chief Executive Officer, will take up the position of Non-Executive Chairman with effect from that date.”

“Kevin, 45, joined Games Workshop in 1998. He is currently Chief Operating Officer of the Company.”

Outgoing CEO Tom Kirby explained that “The Board undertook a thorough process in selecting our new CEO, receiving a significant number of applications for the position, both internal and external. Kevin was the outstanding candidate.”

The King is dead, etc.

Source: Thanks, Marquis!

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