‘Role’ app aims to be a portable, easy-to-use roleplaying game for any setting


A new app has arrived on the Apple Store called Role, and they’re aiming to provide a quick new setting-agnostic roleplaying game that you can take in your pocket with you anywhere.

It’s a quite — as you can imagine — role-play heavy ruleset, with a focus on Aspect System-style characterisation and storytelling rather than rules and combat grids. There’s an official site here where you can download the rules primer PDF and the character sheet.

Strangely, the official description for the app proudly states that there’s “no more piles of dice, complex rule books, long turns, or pencils and paper”, but this is quite literally a lie as the rules primer opens with an instruction to go and grab some dice and pens and paper.

You can see this in action in the video below — or rather what you won’t see are the dice, pencils and paper required, just people holding their phones and having a good time.

I don’t get it to be quite honest, it’s a neat idea and a neat-looking app and I’m keen to try it, I’m just… not sure why they’re pretending to be something they’re not.

Anyway, if you’ve got an iOS device, give it a go and let us know what you think! I unfortunately will have to wait for an Android port.

Source: Thanks, Brenna!

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