Warmachine and Hordes players to get two more all-in-one army boxes in May


Privateer Press have announced that Warmachine players will get a new all-in-one Cryx army box, while Hordes players will get an all-in-one Circle Orboros army box, when the wave of new releases hits in May.

Each box contains a 35-point ready-to-play army. The Warmachine Cryx box contains:

  • Warcaster Wraith Witch Deneghra (white metal)
  • Leviathan Helljack (plastic)
  • 2 Nightwretch Bonejacks (plastic)
  • Bane Riders Unit (5) (plastic)
  • Bane Thralls Unit (10) (plastic)
  • Bane Thrall Officer & Standard Unit Attachment (white metal)
  • Warwitch Siren Solo (white metal)

While the Hordes Circle Orboros box contains:

  • Warlock Kromac the Ravenous (white metal)
  • Warpwolf Stalker Heavy Warbeast (plastic)
  • Gnarlhorn Satyr Heavy Warbeast (plastic)
  • Gorax Light Warbeast (plastic)
  • Tharn Blood Pack Unit (6) (plastic)
  • Shifting Stones Unit (3) (white metal)
  • Stone Keeper Unit Attachment (white metal)
  • Lord of the Feast Solo (white metal)

MSRP for these boxes is pegged at $129.99. Check in with your local retailer!

Source: via TTGN

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