D&D 5E players get new races and spells for free as Wizards releases Elemental Evil PDF


To prepare for the upcoming launch of the Elemental Evil storyline for D&D 5E, Wizards have released a free PDF player’s guide full of new classes and spells.

Included in the PDF are rules for Genasi, Deep Gnomes, Goliath and Aarokocra, as well as 43 new spells, handily broken down into class sections as well. Very cool.

The Deep Gnomes are included as a subrace of regular gnomes, while the Goliath and the Genasi get their own entire listings (with four different elements available to the Genasi, naturally).

DMs are warned that they should consider very carefully whether or not to allow the Aarokocra bird-people in their campaigns, as being able to fly at level one can be game-breaking.

Grab the download link from the Wizards site here. Good work, Wizards!

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