D&D 5E’s April survey results show players see smallest races as weakest


Every month, Wizards publish the results of their ongoing surveys into the progress of Dungeons & Dragons 5E, and this month’s results show that players feel halflings and gnomes aren’t getting the love they deserve.

“We saw a definite trend that the smaller races (halflings, gnomes) are seen as the weakest options by the community,” say Wizards. “It’s dangerous for us to delve into why that is at this point, but it is an overall trend that we will examine in the future.”

“As we’ve noted in the past, when it comes to any potential changes to the game we’ll take a slow, considered approach. The first step will be to develop a clearer understanding of why trends emerge, the root causes behind them, and if they need any sort of mechanical option to address them.”

The survey results from March showed that players wanted more in-class options, such as more sorcerous origins, or more Monk paths. Players also expressed dissatisfaction with the way many of the draft Eberron options were presented, and Wizards are going to look at changing those.

If you want to have your feedback taken on board for D&D 5E, check out their latest survey here.

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