Magic: The Gathering to enter a “new era of storytelling”


The upcoming release of the Magic Origins set for MTG in July marks what Wizards of the Coast are calling a “new era of storytelling”, with the team promising to weave the stories for their iconic planeswalker characters into the game in a whole new way.

According to the head of the Story Team, Jenna Helland, Wizards will not only be delivering five detailed origin stories starting on June 10 with Chandra Nalaar, but also “to infuse story into the DNA of some cards”. Helland also explains that the team will be delivering “new story venues” in the coming months, allowing them to deliver their story not just through their website and cards, but more places as well.

When we spoke to MTG‘s Aaron Forsythe at PAX Australia last year, he told us that their planeswalker characters had proven much popular than they expected, and that people reacted to them very strongly — that they’d “worked out better than we could ever have imagined,” in fact.

With Helland also announcing the addition of new faces to the Story Team, it seems like Wizards is very keen to push ahead on this front as fast as they can.

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