Pathfinder’s new Vigilante base class in testing ahead of Ultimate Intrigue launch


Paizo have made the rules for the Vigilante class available to download for free ahead of the release of Ultimate Intrigue early next year.

The Vigilante class is unique among Pathfinder classes in that it is designed to have two separate identities: the mild-mannered by-day persona and the masked avenger of justice persona, who operates by night and does what their civilian counterpart can’t do. If you’ve ever read a single comic book in your life, then you’ll understand.

This division between identities is so complete that many of the Vigilante’s abilities can actually only be accessed while in the correct form. It’s a versatile class, with different Vigilante Specialisations on offer to shape them into specific roles focused on stealth, spellcasting, combat and so on.

Pathfinder are accepting feedback on the class until July 20 (in this forum here), so see if you can slot the Vigilante into one of your games before then. I’m not exactly sure on how the rest of the party are supposed to… pretend? that they haven’t noticed the Vigilante and their Everyday Identity are the same person, but I assume that’s what roleplaying is for. You’ll figure it out.


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