Warmachine to release a limited edition Cephalyx all-in-one army box


An “extremely limited” Warmachine all-in-one army box for Cephalyx players is about to hit the shelves of your Friendly Local Gaming Store, according to the people at Bell of Lost Souls.

Like the previously-announced all-in-one boxes, this one is insanely good value to the point where it makes Games Workshop players cringe: for just $149 RRP, you pick up:

  • Warcaster Exulon Thexus (resin & white metal)
  • Warden Heavy Monstrosity (plastic)
  • Wrecker Heavy Monstrosity (plastic)
  • Cephalyx Mind Bender & Drudges Unit (10)(plastic)
  • 2 Cephalyx Mind Slaver & Drudges Units (10)(plastic)
  • 3 Cephalyx Agitator Solos (white metal)
  • Pistol Wraith Solo (white metal)
  • Digest-sized WARMACHINE rulebook with complete core rules
  • Strategy cards with tactics and tips for your army

Exactly how “extremely limited” this box is hasn’t been revealed, but if you’re looking to get into Warmachine this is a great way of doing it and the Cephalyx models are just lovely.

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