D&D 5E gets psionic with the testing of the first class, the Mystic


Wizards of the Coast have rolled out test ‘Arcana Unearthed’ rules for the Mystic, the first psychic class to arrive in Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

The rules — which only go up to level five for now — give us an insight into how Wizards are planning to handle the issue of psionics in D&D, an issue which tends to divide players along the very core question of “should psionics even exist?”.

In this early take, the Mystic can choose from ‘Disciplines’ — such as the ability to alter other creatures minds, see things others cannot, move faster, and strike harder using weapons made from psionic energy.

Mystics are required to choose an ‘Order’ at level one which focuses their Disciplines. Currently only two are available, the Order of the Awakened (focusing more on defensive abilities and investigation) and the Order of the Immortal (focusing more on combat and augmenting the body). Two more are promised for the future.

There is no deadline for when to expect the psionics rules to officially be released — Mike Mearls addressed the issue on Twitter yesterday, saying they would be ready “when they hit our high targets for quality” and not before.

Grab the PDF from here.

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