Hordes: Devastation announced, arriving in Q3 this year


Privateer Press have officially announced the next Hordes expansion, Devastation.

Slated for Q3 2015, Devastation tells the tale of Madrak Ironhide, who has chosen to wield the axe Rathrok in order to save his people. Rathrok’s use in battle weakens the veil between worlds and threatens to manifest the Devourer Wurm on Caen, which presumably ranks up there with “tsunamis” and “volcanoes” as “bad”.

Privateer are teasing “previously unseen gargantuans” including the Storm Raptor and the Desert Hydra, but quite a few have already leaked online over the last few months. In any case, here’s what’s in the book:

  • New incarnations of some of HORDES’ most feared and revered legends.
  • New and terrifying gargantuans ready to crush the opposition.
  • New units, solos, and warbeasts ready to lend their strength to the battle for survival.
  • New narrative fiction continuing the savage tale of HORDES: Exigence.
  • A painting and modeling guide to help you prepare your forces for battle.
  • Theme Force lists for each new warlock.

The USD RRP is $31.99 for softcover and $41.99 for hardcover, but check with your FLGS for the Australian conversion.

Source: Privateer Press

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