D&D 5E experiments with Modern Magic: Urban clerics, gunslinger warlocks, and more


The good folks at Wizards have released another prototype ruleset for Dungeons & Dragons 5E, building on their previous Modern rules to include new character classes and spells.

In the new rules (download them here), players are offered three new class options. The Cleric gets a City Domain which allows them to teleport through subway stations, tangle people up in power lines and so on, while the Warlock gains a Ghost In The Machine patron, making them a cyber-assassin and infiltrator of great power.

The Wizard can now turn into a Technomancer as well, which unlocks spiffy hacking abilities and even use an electronic device to maintain concentration on their behalf while they cast more spells.

Rounding out the list are 14 new spells designed specifically for modern environments and technological warfare, including spells such as ‘Commune With City’, ‘Find Vehicle’ and ‘Protection From Ballistics’ (most of which are fairly self-explanatory).

As these are of course Unearthed Arcana they are “officially unofficial” and DMs are expected to proactively look to balance them as issues will almost certainly come up. You’ll be asked for your feedback in a future survey, so stay tuned.

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