Loads and loads of D&D comics available in the Humble Books Bundle


If you haven’t read any D&D comics, you can now catch up on a whole pile of them for a very reasonable price.

For the next two weeks, the Humble D&D Comics Bumble is offering 17 different comics for the low, low price of $12, including Drizzt comics, the new Legends of Baldur’s Gate series, and old classics by Ed Greenwood.

If $12 is too much for you, you can pay what you want for just a handful of the comics, or add some more on by beating the average at $10. As the promotion wears on it’s possible the average may go up, and more comics will be added over time, so it’s advantageous to buy in earlier and secure the later rewards for cheap.

Head over to the Humble Comics Bundle right now and take a look! And on the note of Humble Bundles, if you’re a Games Workshop fan there’s a great Humble Mobile Bundle going on right now as well.

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