Magic: The Gathering pro Brian Kibler says MTG’s digital offerings have “failed to keep up”


Magic: The Gathering pro player and Hall of Fame inductee Brian Kibler has criticised his favourite card game for what he sees as a failure to evolve, citing Blizzard Entertainment’s video game Hearthstone as a more modern, superior product in a digital world.

Kipler posits that Magic Online is too clunky and difficult to use, too firmly anchored to the physical card game, while Magic: Duels is too simplistic and doesn’t offer new players enough.

“If Magic wants to keep up with the kids these days, and to keep its old time fans like me engaged in this era of digital gaming, it needs to find a middle ground between Magic Online and Duels,” says Kibler on PC Gamer.

There are three main areas where Kipler believes Magic‘s digital offerings can be improved, says Kipler, starting with simple convenience.

“I can log on to Hearthstone and play a ranked or arena game at almost any time of day, and if I only have time for that one game, that’s okay,” writes Kibler.

“On Magic Online, signing up for any tournament is a serious commitment of several hours, and you can’t just leave in the middle without giving up your entry fee and possible prizes. Magic needs to adjust its online competitive offerings to make them more convenient, especially for its older fans who may not be able to block off hours at a time to play.”

Kibler also criticised Magic Online and Duels for not being Twitch-stream friendly enough, and for its high financial barrier of entry, concluding: “Magic is an incredible game, but right now, it just isn’t a very good videogame.”

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