Numenera’s Into the Ninth World expansion raking in the cash on Kickstarter


Monte Cook Games have only three weeks left on the clock for their Numenera roleplaying game Kickstarter-powered expansion Into the Ninth World, but with $190,743 pledged of their $20,000 goal they’re going to be just fine.

The current campaign has raised money to fund three different 160-page hardcover books which aim to explore the world of Numenera in greater detail, along with a new 100-card Artifact Deck. The books are titled Into the Night, Into the Deep and Into the Outside and although the first has already been written and is on its way to the press, the other two will need Kickstarter funding to push ahead.

Into the Night explores the Moon, Mars and beyond, while Into the Deep (Spring 2016) takes players under the oceans, which are just as scary as any alien planet. Going even further abroad, Into the Outside (Autumn 2016) contains rules for visiting other dimensions.

Visit the Kickstarter page here. You can get all three books in PDF format for $45, but there are some pretty amazing rewards in there if you’re willing to spend big (and judging by what Kickstarter are saying, tabletop players love to spend big).


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