Pathfinder takes us into Lovecraftian horror with next adventure path and sourcebook


The next Adventure Path for Pathfinder will be right up the alley of fans of cosmic horror: titled Strange Aeons, it’s a love letter to the Cthulhu mythos and will see players awakening as “amnesiac prisoners in an asylum ruled by nightmares”.

Strange Aeons will draw from the writings of H. P. Lovecraft, and tie directly into the Horror Adventures hardcover rulebook which was also announced at the same time. Look for them both a whole year from now (dang it) in August 2016.

As for the Horror Adventures sourcebook, DMs will be able to add “all the different kinds of horror” to their game, with “a macabre selection of nightmares, from gothic classics to Lovecraftian terrors”. Delicious. I love it.

Pathfinder already has a fairly badass selection of Lovecraftian monsters to choose from, right from the original Bestiary which brought us the shambling Shoggoth, all the way up to Bestiary 4 which literally has Cthulhu on the cover and stats for it (and other Elder Gods) inside. Pick them up if you haven’t already!

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