Warhammer 40K trilogy of gamebooks to arrive in September


Tin Man Games, the game developer who made their name writing insanely good digital choose-your-own-adventure books, have announced they’ve picked up the Warhammer 40K license and will be producing a trilogy of grim, dark novels for iOS and Android devices.

The first book is titled Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion, and will hit at the end of September with two more books will follow. Tin Man have reskinned their engine to look like a classic Imperial cogitator/dataslate — which will also turn into a holographic combat simulator during battles. Here’s the rundown:

You are a veteran Space Marine of the Imperial Fists Chapter. Equipped with powerful Terminator armour and armed with the deadliest weapons that the Adeptus Astartes wield, you are a symbol of the Emperor’s might. Trapped aboard the space hulk Herald of Oblivion and the only survivor of your squad, you must fight your way through the aliens and hereticsĀ  that infest the star vessel and find a way to escape the horror and return to your Chapter.

  • Transform your phone, tablet or computer into an Imperial Cogitator!
  • Holographic combat simulator brings the player face-to-face with the myriad of lifeforms on the space hulk!
  • Advance or retreat! Fire weapons from a distance, or move in for close combat.
  • Encounter Orks, Tyranids, Dark Eldar, Necrons and more as you explore the Herald of Oblivion.
  • Access the Xenos Archive to keep track of monstrous creatures you destroy.

Neato. Look for it on your favourite device soon!

Source: Tin Man Games

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