Skarbrand the Exile rules for Age of Sigmar leak online


The enormous Khornate greater daemon Skarbrand the Exile has been leaked ahead of launch, with full rules appearing online.

You can see Skarbrand in the picture above — here are his rules (courtesy Bell of Lost Souls).

The basics:
Move 8, Save 4+, 14 Wounds
Two axes that Hit on 4+, Wound on 3+

In each of your hero phases look, check and see how much damage he has. If he was not able to attack in any of the combat phases last round, then he is always Incandescent -really really mad-

There are 6 abilities to choose from and these last until the next hero phase.

0-3 wounds he is angry- gain 1 ability
4-6 wounds he is furious- gain 2 abilities
7-9 wounds he is seething- gain 3 abilities
10-12 wounds he is enraged- gain 4 abilities
13 wounds he is incandescent- gain 5 abilities

Roar: pick a unit and roll one die for every level of rage. on a 4+ inflicts mortal wounds
re-roll charge distance
re-roll all failed to hit rolls for slaughter -one axe
re-roll all failed to hit rolls for carnage- the other axe
re-roll all failed wound rolls for slaughter
re-roll the dice to see if he inflicts total carnage -special rule -which increases based on wound

In case you missed it, we interviewed the man who hates Age of Sigmar so much that he set fire to his entire army. Read that here.

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