D&D 5E offers new options for Underdark characters in latest Arcana Unearthed


A new update for D&D 5E is going to make explorers of the Underdark (or just people who like having more character options) handy, with the addition of some new choices for fighters, paladins, rangers, sorcerers and warlocks.

Two new fighting styles are on offer for paladins, rangers and fighters: Close Quarters Shooter, for people who like to unload their hand crossbows into people’s faces at point blank range, and Tunnel Fighter, for those who like to play defensively in tight spaces.

The really good stuff comes for the rangers, sorcerers and warlocks in your party. Rangers get an entire new archetype called the Deep Stalker, who can move blindingly fast and lash out with flurries of attacks. Sorcerers get a sweet new origin of Shadow, which allows you to summon a shadow hound, turn into shadow yourself, and even impressively resist death (for a spellcaster, anyway).

Warlocks actually have something very interesting: a positive energy plane patron, which is kind of the complete opposite to the normal demon lord/great old one/generally evil theme of the main rulebook. This positive energy largely manifests as radiant damage and flame spells, but they can also literally explode back into life from the brink of death (damaging enemies around them) and do some light healing at higher levels. Intriguing!

Check them out here.

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