D&D 5E SRD launches from the team behind D20PFSRD


John Reyst, the man who runs the incredibly well-updated and -maintained Pathfinder resource D20PFSRD, has launched a new online SRD for Dungeons & Dragons 5E as a result of Wizards recent changes to the Open Gaming License.

The new site contains all of the content released under the revised SRD, which is broadly speaking in line with what you’ll get if you buy the official books — all the classes, all the races, spells, equipment and so on, as well as the core mechanics.

It is important to not that it’s not 100% complete though, so here are the major changes:

  • No stats or rules for Product Identity creatures like Illithids and Beholders (a trend that started in D&D 3.5 and is unlikely to stop)
  • All classes have only one archetype available (the choice you make in the early levels) – for example, only the text for Path of the Berserker is available under the SRD for Barbarians, and only the School of Evocation for Wizards
  • The only Background Package available is the Acolyte
  • Some spells and magic items have been renamed to preserve Product Identity (Leomand’s Tiny Hut for example is now simply called Tiny Hut)

Visit the 5E SRD here. John works insanely hard to keep these kind of resources online and updated, so if you’re looking for more content for your games I highly recommend buying third-party PDFs through his shops (both for Pathfinder and D&D) so that he gets a commission.

With the release of the new SRD we should start to see a boost in good-quality third-party content — keep an eye on publishers like Kobold Press in particular for new stuff soon (though they’ve already been very busy).

For us here at Ten Copper the major boost is going to be a searchable online spellbook — having to pass the Player’s Handbook between everybody at the table is quickly becoming tiresome!

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