Iron Kingdoms board game Widower’s Wood hits Kickstarter in February


Privateer Press are launching their first ever Kickstarter with Widower’s Wood, a board game based on the Iron Kingdoms Adventures due to launch on February 16.

Designed by William “Oz” Schoonover, Widower’s Wood is a “cooperative, tile-based adventure game” for up to four people. Understandably, it will be packed with Privateer Press miniatures, preview sculpts for which you can see here.

Privateer are hoping that this will drive some awareness of the fact that they don’t just make Warmachine and Hordes, saying in their press release that they “have also been making great board games for years, which are not as widely known.”

The final product is expected to arrive in “early 2017” for backers, but if you’re looking for a retail option you’ll just have to wait and see how the Kickstarter campaign plays out.

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