Kickstarter for sensibly-dressed women miniatures closes in a week


There’s a well-understood dearth of sensibly-dressed women miniatures available for tabletop gaming, but a new Kickstarter by a company called Oathsworn Miniatures is aiming to fix that.

Called “Heroines in Sensible Shoes”, the Kickstarter will deliver “no-nonsense, low-level female dungeoneers”, with a human rogue, human fighter, human cleric, human magic-user, wood elf ranger, dwarf fighter, halfling rogue and human bard currently announced.

You can pledge more as well to grab four more miniatures once they’re announced. What exactly they will be is yet to be determined, though a dragonborn sorceress and a half-orc are on the cards.

Check it out here or watch the video below. Oathsworn have already raised £19,000 of their £1,500 goal, so there’s no chance of this campaign flopping.

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