Magic The Gathering’s best Modern decklists available to upload into Magic Online

As Magic: The Gathering‘s Modern Masters Weekend event wrapped up on Sunday, Magic Online players are now getting ready to take part in their own version of events. So that you can hit the ground…

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Beating the metagame in Magic: The Gathering

One of the biggest things separating those wanting to get regular Top 8’s in Magic: The Gathering and those who actually do get there is situational awareness. This means taking a look at what people…

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Magic: The Gathering spoilers for Modern Masters 2015 begin

Ahead of the launch of Magic: The Gathering‘s new Modern Masters 2015 release next month (May 22), have dropped some images of the reprints we can expect. Take a look below — for the…

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Magic: The Gathering bans Treasure Cruise and Skullclamp in new guidelines

Wizards have updated their Magic: The Gathering competitive tournament guidelines, and announced the banning of Treasure Cruise in Pauper format, and Skullclamp in 100 Card Singleton format respectively. “A few months ago, decks using Treasure…

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Dragons of Tarkir launches for M:TG players on March 27

Wizards of the Coast send word that the final set in the Khans of Tarkir block, Dragons of Tarkir, will be available in stores from March 27. Pre-release events will be taking place this weekend on…

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Wizards acknowledges women M:TG players by renaming player archetypes

There are three basic “types” of Magic: The Gathering players, according to Wizards: the “Timmy” (the power gamer), the “Johnny” (the creative player) and the “Spike” (the competitive tournament player). (There are also two other,…

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Magic Origins set for M:TG will go behind the scenes on five key Planeswalkers

When we spoke to Wizards of the Coast’s Aaron Forsythe he told us that people were getting more into the lore and background of Magic: The Gathering than ever, and those people are set to…

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Magic: The Gathering introduces first trans character

The recent release of the Fate Reforged set for Magic: The Gathering brings with it something very new and awesome: the first openly trans character to grace the game. Named Alesha, Who Smiles At Death, her story (written here)…

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Magic: The Gathering’s Fate Reforged release now available

Wizards of the Coast send word that Fate Reforged, the next release in the Khans of Tarkir block, is now available in Australia and New Zealand (and presumably the rest of the world, since everything…

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Random Encounters (Friday, January 23 2015)

Welcome to Random Encounters, the weekly round-up of interesting bits and pieces from across the worlds of gaming that didn’t really fit anywhere else. Roll a D8 and begin: 1 – Mengel Miniatures Interview: Gav…

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Magic: The Gathering’s Aaron Forsythe talks to us about Khans, Ravnica, release changes and more

At this year’s PAX Australia last weekend, we caught up with Aaron Forsythe, the Director of R&D on Magic: The Gathering. Over the thunder of ten thousand dice in the tabletop section, he gave us…

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D&D 5E represents ‘a new spirit of collaboration’: We speak to Mike Mearls

We talk the DMs guild, D&D movies, and more.

Syrinscape creator: ‘we need having audio at your table to be the normal thing to do’

Ben Loomes wants everyone to bring sound to their tabletop.

Magic: The Gathering – Learn what your advantages are, and how to maximise them

We show you how to break MTG down into a game of statistics.

Blood Bowl, Epic, Necromunda and more coming back: GW relaunches Specialist Games

Plus: changes to Lord of the Rings.

Meet the man who hates Age of Sigmar so much that he set his Warhammer army on fire

$600 worth of melted plastic later, John regrets nothing.

Dungeons & Dragon’s launch trailer for Rage of Demons brings drow and demons to life

Quite the horror-movie-trailer vibe, too.