Pathfinder announces official companion app from former D&D tools developer

Long-term readers of this site (hi, we love you) may remember that back in November 2014 the official D&D 5E companion app, Dungeonscape, was abruptly cancelled without explanation. All the parties involved refused (and to this day, continue…

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Pathfinder giving away rulebook PDFs for almost nothing at Humble Bundle

Paizo’s pricing on PDF products for Pathfinder has always been very competitive, but for a limited time only it’s even better: to raise funds for Extra Life, Paizo are partnering up with Humble Bundle to…

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Horror Adventures for Pathfinder officially booked in for July launch

Paizo have confirmed that the previously-revealed but-not-detailed Horror Adventures sourcebook will be kicking off in July this year. Although an exact date in July has yet to be announced (we’ll update if that changes) we…

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Pathfinder signs partnership with Realm Works, entire adventure portfolio to be imported

You’ll soon be able to buy official Pathfinder adventure paths and other content directly through the Realm Works campaign management software suite, allowing you access to ready-to-play adventures all laid out with maps, NPCs and…

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Pathfinder and Q-Workshop team up for official metal dice on Kickstarter

Q-Workshop, purveyors of insanely good tabletop gaming dice, have team up with Paizo to make a new set of official metal dice for Pathfinder. The dice come in the standard tabletop seven-dice set, as well…

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Pathfinder takes us into Lovecraftian horror with next adventure path and sourcebook

The next Adventure Path for Pathfinder will be right up the alley of fans of cosmic horror: titled Strange Aeons, it’s a love letter to the Cthulhu mythos and will see players awakening as “amnesiac…

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Pathfinder’s iconic Spiritualist revealed as Paizo talks playtest tweaks

The release of Occult Adventures is hotly anticipated here at Ten Copper HQ, where it will slot neatly into our supernatural investigation game — and the Spiritualist class, which is a psychically sensitive individual bound…

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Pathfinder’s new Vigilante base class in testing ahead of Ultimate Intrigue launch

Paizo have made the rules for the Vigilante class available to download for free ahead of the release of Ultimate Intrigue early next year. The Vigilante class is unique among Pathfinder classes in that it…

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Pathfinder developers discuss racial concerns: “We’ve fucked up in the past, we will fuck up again”

With Pathfinder heading towards the release of Bestiary 5 shortly, Paizo staff have defended the work they have done in the name of improved representation, while admitting that they still have a long way to…

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Pathfinder’s future plans include vigilantes, aliens, and an official Evil Campaign

Pathfinder‘s upcoming releases were on display this weekend just past at Paizocon, with Paizo outlining a new book called Ultimate Intrigue that will launch in March – May 2016. Ultimate Intrigue will include new options for skill-based classes like…

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Pathfinder Unchained: 5 different ways to remix your tabletop game

The release of Pathfinder Unchained earlier this month has given everyone here at Ten Copper a lot to talk about. We’re in the middle of a long-running Pathfinder campaign ourselves (game on this weekend!) and…

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D&D 5E represents ‘a new spirit of collaboration’: We speak to Mike Mearls

We talk the DMs guild, D&D movies, and more.

Syrinscape creator: ‘we need having audio at your table to be the normal thing to do’

Ben Loomes wants everyone to bring sound to their tabletop.

Magic: The Gathering – Learn what your advantages are, and how to maximise them

We show you how to break MTG down into a game of statistics.

Blood Bowl, Epic, Necromunda and more coming back: GW relaunches Specialist Games

Plus: changes to Lord of the Rings.

Meet the man who hates Age of Sigmar so much that he set his Warhammer army on fire

$600 worth of melted plastic later, John regrets nothing.

Dungeons & Dragon’s launch trailer for Rage of Demons brings drow and demons to life

Quite the horror-movie-trailer vibe, too.